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Reasons for choosing a Sydney family law firm

Couples in Sydney often find it hard to imagine what the future holds for them as a divorced family. This is especially felt by couples starting a divorce process. Yet, often the scenario of divorcing couples in Sydney is to handle all the paperwork themselves than opting to work with a Sydney family law firm.

While handling the divorce proceedings by themselves makes sense to divorcing couples, sparingly using the services of a Sydney family law firm could cause future problems. For one thing, navigating the local court domestic system and state divorce laws can be complex and confusing. Mistakes committed along the way could create an overwhelming legal avalanche when it comes to enforcing a divorce settlement or support modifications, or changes in custody.


How a Sydney Family Law Firm can help


A full-service approach is the great advantage gained when opting for a family law firm. All legal issues about family law are dealt with by a Sydney family law firm. Other than divorce processes, dealing with domestic violence, blended families and post-decree legal issues are handled by family law firms.

Using the same family law firm over the years is reassuring for many families.  A family law firm in your corner helps to cope with the changes and growth of your family in the coming years. This beats having to hire a new lawyer each time you face family troubles. Having to explain the whole thing to a new lawyer is not only time-consuming but frustrating as well.


Things to expect from a Family Law Firm


The most common family issues needing legal help range from divorce, separation, and annulment. However, a family law firm is also capable of handling other family issues including:

  • Visitation rights
  • Spousal support
  • Paternity issues
  • Child support enforcement
  • Alimony
  • And more

Other uncommon family law issues that need help from a family law firm include:

  • Child protective services
  • Adoption
  • Domestic violence
  • Paternity claims and issues

In a nutshell, everything pertaining to family troubles is ensured best legal solutions of family law firms.


FAQ commonly faced by a Family Law Firm


Legal adoption of children from a spouse’s first marriage

Stepparent adoption that complies with state laws is a familiar legal issue with family law firms. However, the legal issue that needs help from a family law firm is the reluctance of a living biological parent to let go of his/her parental rights. Legal expertise offered by a family law firm offers services that can provide a resolution to this type of legal situation.

Annulment vs. divorce

An annulment is a legal recourse for religious couples when they want to dissolve their marriages. An annulment is way different than a traditional divorce. A marriage never happened is the scenario of an annulment. However, an annulment should be filed very early in a married relationship for it to be recognised by the court. The lesser legal protection provided by annulments makes them the uncommon choice for many couples.

Child support

Child support does not mean paying for every expense of a child. The stipend for healthcare, food, clothing, and shelter expenses created by courts is to supplement the custodial parent’s income. The calculation is based on the total share of household income from both parents and the number of children.


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