Facebook on Track to Dominate the Semantic Web

Posted by on Jan 20, 2012 in Technology | 6 comments

Facebook is poised to dominate the next iteration of the web (commonly referred to as web 3.0 or the semantic web) in the same way, and for the same reasons that Google dominated web 2.0.

How did we get here?

Web 1.0 was dominated by portals and rudimentary search engines. We intrepid netizens found things on the web as they were actually cataloged by humans. Think about the Open Directory Project as an example, or the basic Yahoo directory. We “drilled in” manually in order to find things. This method of finding content lived alongside the very rudimentary search engines of the day, primarily because the quality of recommendations from those engines was pretty poor and easily manipulated.

Google’s arrival on the scene marked (for me at least) a dramatic shift in what mattered on the web. By relying so heavily on citations and links, Google was able to recommend content that was trusted or viewed as authoritative by others on the web, increasing reliability of search results. Obviously, this makes it easier to find what we are looking for (to a point) when compared to what came before.

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2012 Themes – Writing | Speaking | Unfiltered

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A little over a year ago I finally got off my ass and started a blog. This blog.

In January last year, I stumbled across a post from my dear friend Margie Clayman where she set forth her focus areas for 2011. Apparently, Chris Brogan began this trend a few years ago, and it resonated with me.

One of the things I’ve learned from my nearly 20 years of corporate experience is it is VERY hard to get anything done when you are not focused. Focus, focus, focus; Then focus some more.  Even three things seems like it might be a lot of things to focus on to me, but since it’s a focus area over an entire year, I’m willing to go with it.

In 2011, my themes for the year were mentor, inspire and balance. I feel like I did a decent job of expanding my capabilities in those three areas (or at least I like to think I did, anyway). Reflecting on 2011, the year seemed to contain an abundance of all three of those things.

I’ve been thinking about my themes for 2012 and have settled on writing, speaking and unfiltered.

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My Advice to Klout

Posted by on Dec 26, 2011 in Social Media | 32 comments

By now you’ve probably heard about Klout. In the unlikely event you’re not familiar with Klout, here is what they do, according to their own website:

Our friendships and professional connections have moved online, making influence measurable for the first time in history. When you recommend, share, and create content you impact others. Your Klout Score measures that influence on a scale of 1 to 100.

I’ve been a conscientious Klout objector for a long time now. Initially fascinated by the subject, I developed a hearty objection to the business model; an objections I’ve not heard most people talk about.

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Reflecting on 2011 with Gratitude

Posted by on Dec 19, 2011 in Career & Networking, Social Media | 66 comments

A year ago, I was sitting in my office in downtown Chicago minding my own business when I decided to get more involved in social media. What a strange (and wonderful) year it’s been. Somewhere around November 2010, I decided to ramp up my social media activity. I liked it so much I decided to get even more involved and *gasp* attend a tweet-up in December.

The last year has changed my life. Dramatically. In ways both small and large; profound and mundane. I’ve met hundreds and hundreds of people online; taken dozens of those relationships to the level of real life trusted friendships by meeting, consulting, collaborating and kibitzing with a great many generous, smart and hungry people.

During the past year, I’ve come out of my shell a little bit. I still don’t blog nearly as much as I would like, but I hope to change that in the coming year. I marvel at those who are great writers, big thinkers and prolific bloggers. I’m grateful for so much and for so many people who have taught me so many things in the last 12 months.

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The Benefits of Triberr

Posted by on Jul 25, 2011 in Social Media | 42 comments

As you may be aware, Triberr is a new service that’s been getting quite a lot of press these days, both good and bad. As a pretty early adopter on the Triberr train, I thought I’d share with you my experiences with the service. As you can tell from the title of this blog post, I’m a pretty big fan of Triberr today. Admittedly, that might change over time.

What is Triberr?

Triberr is a social sharing service that allows you to share your posts and other content between and among small groups within existing social networks. Here’s how it works.

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The Problem with Klout

Posted by on May 2, 2011 in Social Media | 55 comments

I’ve been holding off on writing anything about online influence or Klout for some time, despite having some pretty strong feelings about both. A few weeks back, I was shooting the breeze with Daniel Newman and he made a comment that I agreed with completely. I’m paraphrasing here, but the crux of the statement was this:

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