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Happy Monday morning everyone! I hope you had an incredible weekend!

This past Friday I had an opportunity to sit down and chat a bit with Daniel Newman, the CEO of United Global Comm which provides a hosted tele-presence solution to small and medium businesses. United Global Comm is a new business in start up mode, but its an off-shoot of a well established 60+ year old company called United Visual (which Dan also leads as CEO).

Just a little bit of background about Dan. If you follow me much, you know that I’ve spent quite a bit of time hanging around in the #UsGuys stream on Twitter. I’ve introduced more than a handful of people to #usguys, both through general discussions and through my post about the 24/7 chat group. One of my favorite people who spends a lot of positive energy within #usguys is @Pegsta1. Peg introduced Dan to the stream about a month or so ago and he and I promised to get together at some random point in the future, since we’re both located here in Chicago.

Then a little over a week ago, I was invited to an executive breakfast in the western suburbs of Chicago by my friend Kathy Steele. You’ll remember I did a #followfriday post on Kathy recently. I had no idea, but Kathy had also invited Dan to the breakfast – she didn’t know that he and I had been chatting on Twitter too. So that’s the crazy, small world story of how Dan and I met.

During the breakfast, we realized we lived quite near each other (just a few towns apart) and both enjoyed golf. Dan and I set a date for this past Friday, but were rained out. Undeterred, we hit the indoor golf establishment near his place and I promptly kicked his butt (in a sudden death playoff). Haha.  Drive for show, putt for dough Dan!

Anyway, enough about our golf games. After golf Dan and I sat down for a few beers and I shot some video of him talking about his new business.

If you’re interested in learning more about United Global Comm, or Dan’s other businesses, check out the links below:

So, what are your thoughts, Twitterati? Would you use a solution like this for your consulting efforts? Would you pay for a video chat solution that’s significantly better than ┬áthe free apps that are available today? Sound off in the comments section below. I’m interested in hearing your thoughts on this….

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Sean McGinnis

Director, Digital Marketing at Sears Parts Direct
Sean McGinnis is Director, Digital Marketing at Sears Parts Direct. He is also a (digital strategist, blogger, consultant ) and public speaker. You can find Sean on