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There’s an interesting new business in Chicago called Pegmo.  Just over two weeks old, Pegmo is putting a new spin on an old concept – customer loyalty – by layering in a healthy dose of social media, user generated content and gamification.

The concept is really pretty cool. A business signs up for Pegmo and creates actions they want customers to take in order to win a badge (called a peg in the service – hence the name). Businesses can also create rewards for specific actions as well. The neat thing is that Pegmo is tightly integrated with both Facebook and Twitter – meaning a business can set the task of “liking” their facebook page or following them on twitter and Pegmo automatically recognizes when that act has been completed and notifies the user.

Think Foursquare without the limitation of being tied to a physical “check-in”.

I had a chance to chat this week with Wes Donohoe, one of the four founders of Pegmo, along with Jordan Ho, Sanjay Kapoor & Josh Golden.

To be sure it’s early days for Pegmo, but I think they may be on to something.

Here’s my interview with Wes. It runs about 13 minutes.

I recommend you sign up for Pegmo and check it out. And if you’re intrested in following the Pegmo founders, their contact information is below the video.

What do you think? Is Pegmo onto something? Add your thoughts in the comments below. Wes and the crew would love to hear your feedback.

(UPDATE – My apologies everyone. There was a glitch in the previous video, so I’ve uploaded a new version)

Jordan Ho

Sanjay Kapoor

Wes Donohoe

Josh Golden


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