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I don’t write book reviews.

Not on this blog. Not on any blog. Even though I got my start on the web over a dozen years ago writing movie reviews (PLEASE don’t seek out those horribly written monstrosities) for my own site, DVD Verdict, I’ve never written a book review.

Until now.

My friend Sarah Robinson wrote a book called Fierce Loyalty, Unlocking the DNA of Wildly Successful Companies. Fierce Loyalty is a book about building community. Sarah is a blogger (http://escaping-mediocrity.com) who I met in Chicago while we attended the 2012 SOBCon conference together.

I love building communities online. I enjoy connecting people, introducing friends and interacting with very smart professionals. It’s the main reason I play around on the social web as I do. There’s one thing I’ve noticed about most people who are involved in “building communities.”

They all think they’re experts in building communities.

Or so it seems.

Nearly every person I talk with about this topic thinks they know what they’re doing.

I call bullshit!

Being social and sociable in today’s connected world is a pre-requisite – it’s table stakes! There is SO MUCH MORE to building a community than just “being social” or “being interesting” or “being friendly.”

Building ANYTHING takes a system, a framework. Even building a community. In order to be an “expert” in anything you need to be able to repeat your results – and to apply your techniques to new industries and new communities.

In Fierce Loyalty, Sarah has identified and laid out a repeatable process for building communities; a system that you can deploy over and over and over again to build communities both online and offline!

I would love to tell you more about this system, but I can’t. You’re probably thinking that I can’t tell you about it because I didn’t actually ready the book – that this is just some sort of shill and I’m writing this review as a favor to my friend.

You’d be wrong.

I’ve read the book cover to cover. Twice.

I can’t tell you about the system because every time I dig into the contents of this book, I get drawn in and start thinking about how I’m going to apply the principles and the guidelines to my business! Then I start thinking about mistakes I’ve made in the past and about how prior businesses I’ve been involved in could have benefitted from Sarah’s expertise.

You can pre-order Fierce Loyalty on Amazon, or learn much more about the book, the process and Sarah, by checking out the Fierce Loyalty web site.

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Sean McGinnis

Director, Digital Marketing at Sears Parts Direct
Sean McGinnis is Director, Digital Marketing at Sears Parts Direct. He is also a (digital strategist, blogger, consultant ) and public speaker. You can find Sean on