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I’ve always been fascinated by this thought provoking phrase.  There are at least three frequently used variants.

Expand your horizons
Broaden your horizons
Widen your horizons

They really all mean about the same thing, don’t they?  As I sat and pondered the meaning of these phrases, I got to wondering how far away are our horizons, anyway?  I mean how far can we really see?  I mean, I know this phrase isn’t necessarily meant to be taken literally, but I just had to know.

Well, it turns out that at six feet above the earth, one can see approximately 3 miles into the distance.  Which means if you turned in a circle (and had perfect vision and a perfectly unobstructed view), you could perceive a total area of approximately 28.25 square miles (remember that formula for calculating the area of a circle?)  Naturally, if you were suspended 100 feet above the earth, the horizon is technically much farther away, but let’s use that six feet as an estimate.

28 square miles seems like a lot of area to cover, doesn’t it?  I mean, really.  Imagine wandering 28 square miles.  For context purposes, it just so happens that Bainbridge island in the middle of Puget Sound is approximately 28 square miles of land area.

Bainbridge Island Map

Of course, 28 square miles does sound like a lot, but it’s really not.  Not when compared to the total surface area of the earth.  It so happens your perceived earthly universe of 28 square miles is about 1 5-millionth of the land area of the earth.  All of that as a preface to ask you this question….

What have you done to expand your horizons today?  If you haven’t expanded your horizons by learning something new, why not?  Still think you know everything there is to know about internet marketing?  Or social media?  Or SEO?  When  all you really know if your 28 square miles?  Really?  So, I ask again….

What have you done to expand your horizons today?

Featured image courtesy of paul (dex) licensed via Creative Commons.


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