Let’s Work Together In 2013!

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As I reflect back on 2012, it was an awesome year; a year filled with a lot of learning and growth. I deepened friendships and relationships, built new relationships that changed my life in myriad ways and took on massive professional challenges. It’s a year I never want to forget. In fact, I want to build on the many successes I’ve had during the year.

That’s why I’m kicking off 2013 unemployed.

Big Changes in 2013

That’s right, I’m entering 2013 with no full time employment.

My contract with my former employer ended on December 31, 2012 and we will not be renewing into 2013.

Despite this fact (or maybe because of it) I’m more excited about 2013 than I have been about any year in recent memory. Not since I began law school in 1990 have I faced this much change in one year – and this coming from a guy who has relocated three times over the years for exciting job opportunities.

I’ve already made a group of people aware of my plans for 2013 via emails and phone calls – and those efforts have been rewarded with an amazing number of potential projects and assignments (the one lesson I learned in 2012 is you never know what’s possible until you ask your connections for their help). I’m writing this blog post in an effort to cast as wide a net as possible by letting you know of my plans and to see if there’s a way we might work together in 2013.

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Will you join me at Social Slam 2012?

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I don’t know about you. But for me, personal development and conference dollars are always a challenge. It can be difficult to justify the expense. There’s really two sides to that justification. There’s the expense side of the equation; then there’s the value side.

In short, every business wants to know “what are we getting” and “what’s the cost”? It’s a value for money decision. We all want a great deal of information and a low out of pocket cost when considering where to spend our conference dollars.

I know I do.

And that’s exactly what makes Social Slam such an amazing conference. I’m going to spend the next few minutes trying desperately to convince you that you should join me and 599 other people April 27th in Knoxville at Social Slam.

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