Networking for Maximum Results

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I’m a social media junkie.  I’ve had a Pro account on Flickr for years and years.  I was the first person I know to actively use LinkedIn. I’ve been a Facebook fanatic since just after the service was opened up beyond the walls of academia.   Admittedly I was a bit slow on the uptake with regard to Twitter, but I certainly qualify as an active user these days. And yet…..

And yet, I found the “relationships” I was building with these services to be lacking in depth and meaning. Sure, it was great to “connect” on LinkedIn with other like minded folks, and even better to rediscover old High School chums from 20+ years back. Catching up with what they’ve been doing for the past 20 years is rewarding and gratifying: seeing pics of them, their children (and in some cases grand-children) is very nice – quaint even.

But was I truly connecting through these services? It didn’t feel that way. I felt more a voyeur than a friend, catching glimpses of people lives, and not truly connecting. That’s all been changing recently. I’ve consciously been changing my routine and pushing my boundaries in an effort to maximize the value I contribute to and receive from my social networks.

Below are three things we can all do to ensure we’re fully engaged with our social networks.

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#FollowFriday – Gwynne Monahan (@econwriter5)

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I’ve been following Gwynne Monahan (@econwriter5) for so long now its hard to remember how we “met” online.  My recollection is that it was one of those crazy, fortuitous moments, because we were both sort of hanging out in the same circles.  I don’t know too many people that are more interactive on Twitter.  She tweets a LOT.  But she is absolutely not a self promoter.  She uses Twitter much more as a conversation tool – almost a substitute for some instant messaging tool.  I admire that approach (and try to emulate it as much as I can).  I’m grateful to have met her, and think you will be too!

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#FollowFriday – Mike Maddaloni (@thehotiron)

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Mike Maddaloni is definitely one of the “good guys” on the web.  I met Mike through Twitter shortly after relocating back to Chicago from Minnesota, and we’ve chatted off an on, on-line and off ever since.  Turns out we have some similarities in our background, and we hit it off immediately.  I have found Mike to be a constant source of inspiration and a guy who’s ALWAYS willing to lend a hand to help improve an idea. As an ideas guy, I find that can-do spirit incredibly energizing (and increasingly rare). But enough of my perceptions of Mike, lets get on with today’s #followfriday interview and let him tell you about himself.

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3 Reasons #FollowFriday is Broken

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I assume you are a Twitter user. I also assume you’ve been around the block a few times and know what #followfriday is. If by assuming, I’ve made an ass of you and me (with apologies to Oscar Wilde), please check out this post at Mashable that outlines how #followfriday began.

As you can tell from the title above, I believe that the #followfriday ritual can be improved. Here’s 3 reasons why I think #followfriday is broken.

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Things That Make the Internet Cry: The Twitter Auto DM

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I realize beginning a new blog with a snarky as hell post might be a recipe for disaster.  But you know what they say:  “blog about your passion.”  I certainly hope I won’t be writing only about these types of issues, but this is one that’s been tugging at my brain for many weeks…and I’ve got to start somewhere.

There are many ways to make the internet cry, and I hope to highlight all those ways over time.  The plan is to highlight the worst the internet has to offer, whether that be a specific site, app, practice, tendency or perhaps even a person.  I hope to update this series weekly, but we’ll see how it goes.

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