Does Social Media = SEO of 10 Years Ago?

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I had a terrific time last night presenting to a small group of Social Media Marketers here in Chicago. We talked a little bit about some SEO basics. Thanks to @Leyla_a for putting together such a great shindig.

One of the points I made during the presentation is that there are a LOT of parallels between where Social Media is today and where SEO was about a decade ago – and that Social Media leaders could benefit a great deal by reaching across the aisle and talking with SEO leaders in the industry and the enterprise. In fact, many “issues” facing Social Media (things that generate a lot of hyperventilation from within the social media sphere) have already been addressed (not all of them successfully, I might add) as SEO was introduced into the enterprise. Issues such as:

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Eliminate Twitter Auto DMs In 4 Easy Steps

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I hate Twitter auto DM messages. I realize hate may be a bit of a strong word. But I genuinely hate them. I hate them so much that I kicked off this blog nearly two months ago with a post all about how much I hate auto DMs.

By the way, I’m not the only one that hates them. Turns out you probably hate them too! You see, as I was drafting that post, I saw a blog post from Augie Ray, twitter pal extraordinaire and Social Media Analyst at Forrester. Turns out Augie conducted a survey, and most people hate Twitter auto DMs (by a 40 to 1 margin).

Augie and I agree that Twitter auto DMs suck. Individually, we’ve been crusading on behalf of all of you to stamp out the auto DM one Twitter user at a time. I’ve been following Augie’s lead. I respond to each auto DM with the following DM back:

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#FollowFriday – Lisa Petrilli (@lisapetrilli)

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I honestly don’t remember when I started following Lisa Petrilli on Twitter, but I can’t remember a time when she was not in my stream. When we met in person this past December at the inaugural #Cocktails4Causes event at the Drake Hotel, I teased her that I felt like a stalker because I follwed her on twitter, got the MENG newsletter which she was involved with, and then bumped into her again as the co-host of #LeadershipChat. Everywhere I wanted to be, she seemed to be there first. Ah, well.

Here’s a short list of reasons why you need to follow Lisa:

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What is #UsGuys?

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If you know me through Twitter, or use Twitter in a serious, ongoing way it’s likely you’ve stumbled across a tweet or two with the #usguys hashtag in it. After seeing #usguys often enough, you’ve probably wondered “just what the heck is #usguys, anyway?”

A few short weeks ago I was asking that same question, as I watched more than a few dozen tweets fly by with the #usguys hashtag.  Intrigued, I dug deeper and ran a twitter search for the hashtag.  What I discovered amped up my Twitter experience and might have the same impact on you. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

First, a little background.

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Expand Your Horizons

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I’ve always been fascinated by this thought provoking phrase.  There are at least three frequently used variants.

Expand your horizons
Broaden your horizons
Widen your horizons

They really all mean about the same thing, don’t they?  As I sat and pondered the meaning of these phrases, I got to wondering how far away are our horizons, anyway?  I mean how far can we really see?  I mean, I know this phrase isn’t necessarily meant to be taken literally, but I just had to know.

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#FollowFriday – Nicole Crimaldi (@mscareergirl)

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I’m a fan of Nicole Crimaldi.  There.  I’ve said it.  We connected on Twitter a while back when I realized we were on the same Metra Train in from the Western Suburbs of Chicago.  We were both tweeting away, and I recognized her home town right away.  Later on, I guest blogged a post for her, and during our exchange, she really encouraged me to start blogging.  I knew I needed to get to blogging.  Heck, I had started and stopped and started and stopped a few dozen times, on 5 or 6 different domain names.  It took Nicole kicking me in the pants to really get me going.  For that I’ll always owe her a debt of gratitude!

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