Expand Your Horizons

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I’ve always been fascinated by this thought provoking phrase.  There are at least three frequently used variants.

Expand your horizons
Broaden your horizons
Widen your horizons

They really all mean about the same thing, don’t they?  As I sat and pondered the meaning of these phrases, I got to wondering how far away are our horizons, anyway?  I mean how far can we really see?  I mean, I know this phrase isn’t necessarily meant to be taken literally, but I just had to know.

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Is Your Business Too Successful?

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Take an imaginary trip with me.  Let’s visit the best company you’ve ever worked for. It’s an incredible company, right? A high performing business that others only wish they could work for. And yet…

At some point in time you probably saw a problem. The problem seemed obvious to you and to many of your peers and colleagues. Maybe it was a lack of coherent strategy; a misalignment between departments; an untapped opportunity to drive additional revenue; a sweet and painless way to shave costs and expand the bottom line.

Being a thoughtful and diligent employee you likely suggested a variety of ways to address this problem. You documented the issue, built a business case that solved the problem and scheduled time to discuss both your observations and work with senior management. You made a compelling case and crushed the presentation……and nothing happened. Nothing.

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