I am a digital strategist who ensures digital tactics are aligned with a compelling strategy that drives business results. I’ve been involved in technology companies since shortly after graduating from law school in 1994 and I’ve consulted with small businesses to help them more effectively market and sell their services over the web since 1999. Over the years, I’ve worked directly with hundreds of small companies and indirectly with thousands more.

Business Experience

During each consulting and speaking engagement I bring both extensive business experience and a comprehensive, well-rounded digital perspective:

  • SEO: I’ve consulted with clients on SEO since 2003 and led one of the largest SEO teams in the country. During my tenure, we doubled the size of our SEO team from 19 Consultants to over 37 in under three years. During that time, we launched the most successful product line in the company’s history and I was ultimately responsible for the search performance of a portfolio of thousands of web sites.
  • Internet: In 1999 I founded DVD Verdict, one of the earliest DVD movie review sites on the internet. Since then, I’ve consulted with hundreds and hundreds of small and medium size professional services organizations, driving strategic discussions that exploited market opportunities for each and every client.
  • Marketing: I’ve has been marketing professional services and creating intelligent content for over 12 years. The critical first step in any marketing project is identifying your customers’ buying triggers and crafting messages that tap into them. Do you know who your customers are? Have you conducted market research to identify how they talk about you? What words do they use to describe what you do? Do you know, or do you THINK you know?
  • Sales: I have over a decade of business to business sales and sales management experience and helped create the sales training program for one of the largest specialized digital agencies in the US. No matter the industry, no matter the market, people buy with emotion and justify those purchases with logic. Do your digital assets tap into that well known principle?

Some Personal Stuff About Sean McGinnis

I’ve led large teams, owned a P&L, and carried a sales quota. I’m a talented public speaker (there’s that acting thing again), a cub scout leader, a mentor to a handful of college students and a fierce Chicago loyalist (except when it comes to sports teams).

These are three things I’m most passionate about:

  • Connecting: I enjoy meeting new people and learning about their passions. Please be sure to introduce yourself whether digitally on Twitter, Facebook, +Sean McGinnis on Google + or on LinkedIn or in person. Drop me an invite. Lunch. Coffee. Happy Hour. Whatever works for you.
  • Learning: My passion for connecting is really a means to an end. I want to learn from you. And I want to share what I’ve learned with others so they can also learn. I believe that your expertise is heightened by teaching others. Teach me more of what you know. Do it in whatever way makes sense for you. Comment on this blog. Share a link. Invite me to a conference. Share some thoughts over lunch.
  • Mentoring: This is tightly related to my passion for learning (and teaching). Developing people is a critical skill that I believe builds a better organization. I have found from personal experience that it provides employees with a career path, a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging to a team. I think those are all very positive outcomes. And yet, I’ve seen countless managers and executives hoard talent…ultimately to their detriment and the detriment of their business.

These are a couple other things I believe are critically important:

  • Add value: This applies on a personal level, on a company level and also as a core mission of any marketing department. Find the ways in which you can add value to co-workers, to customers and to your business. Then go do it. Don’t wait for permission. Adding value (and doing so consistently) is what gets you, your product, your service or your company noticed. On a larger scale, adding value is what makes for great SEO practice, and is in keeping with the inbound marketing philosophy I subscribe to.
  • Build a network before you need it: Don’t wait until you get laid off before you start building your network. By that point, it’s entirely too late. You might be wondering when the right time is to build your network. My answer is constantly! I devote at least one hour per week to building, engaging with and updating my network. Do it before work, after work, during the lunch hour, on weekends, whenever you have time. If you don’t have time, make time. Your connections will help you in ways you can’t possibly imagine, but you have the do the hard work to get there. How do you begin? See the bullet point immediately preceding this one – add value!

Anyway, enough about me.  Tell me about you!